Thursday, November 15, 2007

Last Day in Vladivostok

Today (November 15) is my last day in Vladivostok on the Fulbright. It is hard to believe I have been in Russia for almost 10 months now! Today is a beautiful, crystal clear and cold Thursday, not a cloud in sight, and with the thermometers showing a brisk minus 4 degrees C at noon, Vladivostokians have donned their hats in acquiescence to the undeniable fact that for today, at least, winter is upon us. The wind that is so characteristic of this city is whipping with an icy fierceness through the streets, up and down the hills, making whitecaps on the royal blue waters of Amur bay. But the air is fresh and clean, and the brilliant sunshine makes everything here look bright, from the new condos downtown to billboards and fresh campaign posters. (Russia has elections for the national legislature on December 2.) Despite the cold -- and cold, after all, cold is Russia, the state that seems most natural to this country, perhaps, the state in which Russia is at her best...It is lovely here today.

I can’t believe I am leaving already! But I hope that soon I will be back.


comradezeke said...

Hi Cheryl!!
I just stumbled across your blog on your last day in Russia because I'm a senior now and looking for a Russian-related job and remembered you and the salmon etcetc. It looks like you had an awesome time on your Fulbright! Do you have plans for what you are going to do next?
Email me


karen said...

very poetic

karen said...

very poetic

Anonymous said...

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Hello, I'm Renee. said...

Hey Kira! Can't find you on FB, so I thought I'd reach out here. I just saw a video journey of the entire Trans-Siberian Railroad line, including 40 min along Baikal, and had to share with you. Check it out: